Smart move, my friend!

I’ve been ‘on the inside’ of this ground-breaking programme since day one as creative lead… so I know how special, innovative and essential it is!

Shaa and I have worked together for 14 years as business partners, collaborators and best buds – while we’re now both doing our own thing, we still bounce best with each other… So naturally I’m partnering with her to take ‘EMPOWERED’ to the world…
And, most important, to you. 

EMPOWERED is pretty damn good as it is…

So I’ve had to pull out all the stops…

To offer you, my ‘C-Skool’ tribe, some exceptional incentives to enrol via me.

But man alive, is that what I’m offering you or what?!


Shaa’s got the training covered, so I’m offering something a little different:

bonus #2: ‘your next big thing’ mastermind day

Spend a day with me and a mystery special guest in-person to:

bonus #3: ‘funnels made feasy’ programme

bonus #4: ‘blow up your brand’ private masterclass

As a former award-winning journalist I interviewed more than 2,000 high-profile entrepreneurs, celebs, leaders, politicians and sportspeople.

My wife Alex, is another ex-journo who’s also 15+ years in PR and has run her own agency for 7+ years. Between us we know what it takes to craft a story and secure coverage. Join us for a private masterclass on how to blow up your brand outside of your own audience. Learn how to pitch to print, online, radio / TV, podcasts, influencers, even Clubhouse… WITHOUT shelling out for an expensive PR agency or expert. 

bonus #5: bespoke content + social media audit

OK, I literally *never* do this. Have me review your content and social; then feedback with a 2-page audit document + video with proposed improvements to:

EMPOWERED for me is the difference:

The difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘doing

The difference between ‘dreaming’ and ‘realising

The difference between ‘hoping’ and ‘happening

The difference between ‘ticking over’ and ‘blowing up

Let EMPOWERED be the difference for you

It’s your opportunity to nail your mindset, model and money

In one go


With Shaa

With world-class coaches

With (not so) little ‘ol me as your secret ingredient

Seize this.